Amit Garg
UX Research and Design
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Mobile Text Entry: UX Research and Design

Optimization of mobile text entry UI

Executive Summary

If you have a smartphone, you've texted. And if you've texted, you've used your phone's built-in keyboard. Believe it or not, there are decades and decades of research on how to optimize the UI, prediction engines, and interactions for using touchscreen keyboards. Swype and Fleksy are two products that have come about from such research. In this project, I designed a mobile text-entry UI for a go-to-market mobile device to help Public Safety professionals communicate and be their best in the moments that matter. 

My Contributions

Literature Review

Competitive Analysis

UX Research and Usability Testing

Wireframing and UI Design

Collaboration with Developers

This project is under NDA, but here's some teaser images from our work. 
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