Amit Garg
UX Research and Design


Amit, at his finest.


Born and brought up in the 'burbs of Detroit, hockey was my blood (R.I.P. Mr. Illitch) for 15 years. Teamwork, check.

The son of a psychiatrist and a Dr. Mom, I learned the difference between hearing and listening, and how to be an informed consumer of information. Listener, check. Critical, check. 

An amateur musician with a knack for (k)neuroscience, I know how to use left and right brains, at the same time. Whaaat. Creative, check. 

All of these life experiences brought me to UX. From research to design, I found that each of those qualities aforementioned gave me a unique advantage in design. Without a doubt, I have much left to learn. That's why I'm looking for the next challenge in my life, to help me be the best designer I can be. And, it starts with all of you wonderful people that I can't wait to surround myself with.

So, hit me up. Let's do some cool things together.